Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Third Blog Assignment- research questions

What are the implications of gender reconstruction surgery?
What are the ethical issues of assisted child conception?

Question #1:
I chose this question because I watched a movie today in Sociology-160 about gender reconstruction surgery. It was interesting to me because I assumed that if people looked different, then they would want surgery to fix that. In reality, the people who underwent the surgery actually regretted it, and wouldn't have minded if they looked a little different than other people. I think I would look for answers in books and online, and also in the articles from my sociology class. I would like to look for actual research done on the topic to get results on how people felt about it. I think that the implications would be that people are not happy with the surgery. Some things I might look for would be comparing the different ages people have their surgery to how they felt about it.

Question #2:
I chose this question because I have always been interested in assisted child conception because it is a very controversial topic. I would look for answers online and in books, and I would also look for studies done with actual women. I think questions that might pop up will be about how the two sides of the controversy feel about assisted child conception and why? I believe there will be a lot of ethical reasons. It might be hard to answer some questions about ethics, because people are very set on their views, and there might not be a lot of good information from someone who gives arguments about both sides.

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