Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Blog 6

"Aiming a Bit High" starts off with John Ronson meeting Bob Hare at a hotel. They discussed the PCL-R being misused, which led to Ronson paying a visit to Paul Britton (an example of a PCL-R misuser). Britton was at one time a very famous criminal profiler. He talked about how police and detectives used to call upon him for his profiling skills, to help them find a killer. After years of his profiles being correct, a case went wrong. Britton profiled the wrong person, putting an innocent man in jail for years, while the real criminal walked free. Although Britton's career went south after that, he still believes he did nothing wrong.

In "The Madness of David Shayler", I realized that David was completely nuts. I think that he must have had some kind of illness if he thinks that the planes that hit the twin towers were holograms and if he thought he himself was the messiah. I do not really know how this chapter fit into the story though; was he supposed to be a psychopath? I really liked "Aiming a Bit High". Criminal profiling is basically my dream job, although I realize that it is not as glamorous as on television. I love reading about profiling, so this chapter really interested me.

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